Enhance your Understanding with Tailored Training Solutions!

In today’s world of fast-changing regulations, rapidly advancing technology and highly competitive markets, it is all the more important to keep your staff up to speed with developments in technology, standards and regulations and equip them with the knowledge and skills to perform their jobs efficiently, safely and responsibly. To help address your training requirements as effectively as possible, over many years of experience we have developed a comprehensive range of training courses that will meet the needs of your business.

Our industry-specific training covers a wide range of industries, from chemicals and consumer goods to pharmaceuticals and food, while our subject-specific training focuses on key areas such as food safety, workplace safety, environment safety, quality and business safety.

The wide scope of our business and services means that we are confident of being able to sharpen your company's competitive edge with practical, skill-based training for all levels of your business. Our training programs are designed to enhance and develop the competencies necessary for sustainable business development and competitive advantage.
Our Offerings

Food Safety
Food Safety Training is no longer an optional extra for any business involved in producing, processing, preparing or serving food. Choose from our offerings in the food safety arena, the training that your business requires and would be most appropriate for your needs:

Basic Food Safety and Hygiene
Advanced Food Safety
Introduction to HACCP
Advanced HACCP
ISO 22000 Awareness
Our Approach

Identifying the Challenges
and Needs

There is always value in sending staff on training courses that develop the skills they need day-to-day or that will help them develop and grow with the company. We will help you identify where each of your managers and key staff have particular strengths and where there are significant skills gaps that need to be addressed. In this way you can prioritise your investments in training, so that the greatest gains can be realised and productivity improved in a systematic, planned way ensuring long term business success.

Developing Skills
and Knowledge

We have a catalogue of proven training courses which we frequently adapt and combine to meet the requirements of individuals and teams within each organisation. We also create bespoke training courses to make the most of specific situations, challenges and existing skills. We will make a difference to your business by identifying clear business needs and delivering training solutions that meet those needs and actually improve performance and ensure continual improvement.

Training for Knowledge

Our training courses will enhance your understanding of the desired standard and will improve the effectiveness of your employees operational activities. Based on your needs we deliver through one on one sessions, formal classroom sessions, group work, case studies, powerpoint presentations, training videos etc. After completion of training courses, for some courses assessments may be required while for others evaluations may be optional for attendees. Follow up assessments and evaluations can also be planned based on your business needs.

Why AverSafe?
Compelling reasons for you to consider using us for your training needs
1. Flexible training solutions to suit your needs - we understand training, we understand business. This powerful combination produces dynamic, effective and enjoyable training solutions.

2. Performance Improvement - our practical approach to empower your employees with the knowledge and skills enables them to improve performance in the workplace.

3. Depth of Experience - our practical business experience and depth of knowledge positions us to develop excellent training programmes that fully meet your unique needs.

4. Outstanding Value for Money - We provide you with effective, enjoyable training that gives great value for money. Our service is personal and tailored to your needs and we are happy to discuss performance related fee structures with you.
The work that we have completed allows us to position ourselves as experts in the business.
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