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A food safety programme (FSP) is a written programme designed to manage food safety. It looks at all the stages involved in producing food (from ingredient purchase through to final sale), identifying things with the potential to cause harm to the consumer (the hazards), and implementing controls to eliminate or control such hazards.

In New Zealand, FSPs are currently voluntary but are being implemented by many food businesses that want to assure food safety. It is recognised that compliance with the old Food Hygiene Regulations is not enough to produce ‘safe’ food.

We provide you with strategic and technical support on food safety matters. We partner with you to improve results in business performance, achieve efficient and consistent compliance, reduce risks and align management systems and strategies with business and customer requirements. We work closely with you developing and implementing your food safety programme that enables you to boost your stakeholder and consumer confidence.
HACCP based Food Safety Programme (FSP)

A FSP varies depending on the size of the business concerned and the food produced. However it will normally includes flowcharts and procedures for producing the food, identification of hazards and how they will be controlled using HACCP-based principles, maintenance and cleaning schedules, policies in relation to staff illness, dress, hygiene and standards of conduct, staff training procedures, a recall procedure if the product is distributed and recording, review and monitoring procedures.

To be approved, a FSP must be based on the principles of HACCP. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It is a systematic process for identifying potential food safety hazards, evaluating their risk and implementing controls. Hazards can be microbiological, chemical or physical.

The Benefits

Confidence that you have identified all food safety issues and are managing them

Reduced risk of food-borne illness

Reduction of customer complaints

Increased market opportunities as your customers may require you to have a FSP

Reduction in production cost (reduced recall / wastage) and improved product consistency
Where are you on the food safety programme (FSP) journey?

Whether you’re new to FSP or looking to take your expertise further, add into your high intention our sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.

We offer packages that can be customized to your business to jumpstart your food safety management. We will custom design FSP package for you to remove the complexity of getting you where you want to be – whatever your starting point.
Getting Started

Contract AverSafe to discover the best way to begin your food safety management journey and understand why FSP is good for your business. We will research and document an effective HAACP based food safety programme for you based on your specific processes, your objectives and your human and material resources .


With AverSafe discover the best way to implement FSP into your business. We will work closely with you, sharing management system knowledge, establishing an implementation team to get best results, mapping out roles, responsibilities and timescales and engaging the whole business with training and good internal communication.


Engage Averafe to organize independent assessment of your FSP and help gain certification. We can assist with gap analysis to make sure the system you have written complies with standard and covers all your business processes. We can facilitate your third party audit and also assist with clearance of non-conformances raised at the audit.


Now that your FSP is certified, let AverSafe maintain the standard with constant attention and continual improvements. We will ensure that not only you stay compliant but are continually driving performance improvements. We can assist you with your internal audits, performance management, process improvement initiatives and much more.

The work that we have completed allows us to position ourselves as experts in the business.
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