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Integrating Multiple Management Systems

Good Business sense is to have an Integrated Management System (IMS), which is a single system incorporating the requirements of two or more auditable standards. Any combination that includes at least two of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and/or OHSAS 18001 will be considered to be an integrated system. IMS enables you to assess and manage risks of your operations in a more holistic way while realizing better operational efficiencies.

We provide you with strategic and technical support on integrating management systems, partnering with you to improve results in quality, safety and environmental performance. We assist you in achieving efficient and consistent compliance, reducing costs and optimizing resources by aligning management systems with your business strategies and customer requirements.
Integrated Management System(IMS) : ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO 14001

An Integrated Management System is a single documented system that contains a complete policy statement and inclusive objectives which combines document control, records control, internal auditing, management reviews, process controls and procedural documentation. IMS is a more holistic approach that reduces duplication of effort and resources when meeting the requirements of more than one management system.

It demonstrates your commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental performance with a more business savvy approach.

The Benefits

Improved Business Efficiencies – through reduced costs and disruption by external audits

Improved Stakeholder Relationships – through active involvement of staff, suppliers, contractors and clients in all business areas of quality, safety and environment

Enhanced Business Credentials – through confidence in the reliability of operations through independent verification against internationally recognized standards

Improved Risk Management – through greater consistency and integrated data analysis

Increased Customer Satisfaction - through delivery of consistent products and/or services that meet or exceed customer requirements
Where are you on the integrated management system(IMS) journey?

Whether you’re new to IMS approach or looking to take your expertise further, add into your high intention our sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.

We offer packages that can be customized to your business to jumpstart your integration management. We will custom design IMS package for you to remove the complexity of getting you where you want to be – whatever your starting point.
Getting Started

Contract AverSafe to discover the best way to begin your integration of systems journey and understand why IMS is good for your business. We will research and document an effective IMS for you based on your specific processes, your objectives and your human and material resources taking care of all the associated complexities.


With AverSafe discover the best way to implement IMS into your business. We will work closely with you, sharing technical knowledge, establishing an implementation team to get best results, mapping out roles, responsibilities and timescales and engaging the whole business with training and good internal communication.


Engage Averafe to organize independent assessment of your IMS and help gain certification for your IMS. We can assist with gap analysis to make sure the system you have written complies with standard and covers all your business processes. We can facilitate your third party audit and also assist with clearance of non-conformances raised at the audit.


Now that your IMS is certified, let AverSafe maintain the standard with constant attention and continual improvements. We will ensure that not only you stay compliant but are continually driving performance improvements. We can assist you with your internal audits, performance management, knowledge management, process improvement initiatives an d much more.

The work that we have completed allows us to position ourselves as experts in the business.
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