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With increasingly complex risks existing in today’s dynamic business world, independent audit and assurance are not just about good governance but creating value that makes a real difference, benchmarking and improving business performance. The essence of the auditing services that we provide is natural blend of compliance and value. Our knowledgeable, questioning and insightful approach goes beyond the compliance approach and provides you with far reaching benefits.

We use the audit to explore and think more widely about your business and the potential issues you face. This understanding enables us to offer new solutions to your problems, help you learn from what has happened and prepare you for, or better still help you avoid, issues in the future. Our rigorous approach delivers high level of consistency and efficiencies across your business.

The breadth of knowledge and experience across industries and sectors ensures we provide audit and assurance services tailored to the unique needs of your business. Whilst assisting you meet internal reporting requirements and statutory obligations, our audit services also identify both threats and opportunities to your business. We apply the highest standards of professional integrity, objectivity, independence and technical excellence to all our activities.

Our Auditing Services

Internal Audits
It is important to have an effective internal auditing process to measure the performance of businesses quality management system or any other standard based management system. A businesses control environment must be designed to provide reasonable assurance of achieving its business goals efficiently and in a compliant manner.

AverSafe offers a comprehensive internal audit support package for businesses who do not have trained audit resources internally and/or do not have the time available and are looking for independent and impartial audits for value addition with a focus on improvement.

We will prepare a value adding internal audit program for your business, undertake the required audits on your behalf and prepared detailed audit reports highlighting non-conformances, if any. Our Auditors will also advise on system changes and improvements and follow-up on outstanding actions raised for non-conformances.

Supplier Audits
Supplier audits are a critical component of ensuring the integrity of the supply chain. However, evolving supply chains are outpacing traditional audit program methods. Today, effective supplier audit programs require a fresh look at the people, processes and technology involved.

We are able to undertake comprehensive audits of your sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers across a wide range of disciplines including manufacturing, primary processing, engineering, project management, distribution /logistics, consultancy and training, health care and many others.

Aside from the audit itself, we can also support your business with other behind-the-scenes aspects of the supplier management program determining if the supplier is still active, and if a current audit for that supplier already exists ensuring consistent results, and a fine-tuned, closed-loop process. We can also assist with corrective action management and closure process for issues identified at audits.

Outsourced Audits
An effective internal control environment and robust internal audit function are the foundation stones of an effective management system. Effective internal audit can support and help embed a culture of risk awareness in a business.

Increasingly internal audit functions are leveraging the benefits of outsourcing to support their corporate governance and risk management requirements. Outsourcing is a flexible solution for businesses, which can deliver enhanced independence, increased value at reduced cost and access to specialised skills.

We can assist with full outsourcing and co-sourcing of internal audits, review of effectiveness of internal audit function , resource planning, monitoring of internal processes and reporting, developing, documenting, assessing and testing internal controls frameworks, business process mapping and process reviews as an independent function and specialist audit reviews.

Gap Analysis Audits
For organizations about to undergo certification or re-certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, or OHSAS 18001 or other management standard, AverSafe can carry out independent standalone pre-audit or a gap analysis audit against businesses objective standards.

We have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of international management system standards. We will benchmark your performance against these standards and report on the corrective actions necessary to reach your desired outcome.

We will help you confirm the success of work already completed, and also to identify systems, processes and documentation which may need improvement. Our experienced auditors will guide
you through the process of determining and documenting your organization’s current capabilities
and help you decide how you need to adjust your management systems to be ready for certification. This can lead to substantial time and cost savings to your business and ensure successful approval
at your first attempt.
Our Auditing Services to your Business Advantage
AverSafe audit practice can provide the rock-solid verification your organization, customers, suppliers, investors and regulators require. We carry out audits with integrity to help you meet these demands. Through our services, we by provide a timely and constructive challenge to management, a robust and credible perspective to your audit committee, and transparent information for your stakeholders. Realize the following benefits through our audit services:
Reduce and manage the risk of supply chain (Supply chain/Vendor) disruption through our Supplier Audits

Mitigate risk and achieve more effective internal management system audits with greater transparency at optimal costs through our
Outsourced Internal Audits

Mitigate risk and achieving more effective compliance and greater transparency at optimal cost, by analyzing compliance with licenses and other agreements through our Compliance Audits

Enhancing business confidence by identifying and addressing gaps prior to an initial, surveillance or re-registration management system audits through our Gap Analysis Audits

Mitigate risk and achieve more effective integrated management system audits and greater transparency at optimal costs through our
Integrated Management System Audits

Mitigate risk and achieving greater transparency at optimal cost, by analyzing complete conformity of the organization’s single or integrated management system through our Due Diligence Audits

Reduce and manage the risk associated with product recalls or issues associated with a lack of consumer trust through Liability Assessment Audits

Mitigate risk and achieve more effective conformity and verify previous audit findings in a timely manner through our Follow-Up Audits
The work that we have completed allows us to position ourselves as experts in the business.
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