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In today’s climate, with the rapid growth in the convenience foods, food safety is all the more important. Consumers are increasingly looking for assurance that the foods they buy are safe and the retailers are now requiring their suppliers to demonstrate that the foods they provide are safe. As a consequence, food businesses have the responsibility to meet increasingly stringent customer and regulatory assurance requirements.

At AverSafe we provide food businesses with creditable and robust food safety advice and support. We have an undisputable reputation for delivering food safety services that go beyond compliance. We collaborate with food companies developing and establishing world class food safety systems, refining processes and helping our clients achieve exceptional results in their food safety programs using our proven implementation approach. Our extensive suite of food safety services spans every link from farm to fork and includes auditing, consulting, training and regulatory compliance.
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We provide customized food safety solutions for:

Processing and Packaging

Restaurants and Food Service
The food safety landscape is constantly evolving in the food and beverage processing world making food safety systems and certification, global supply chain traceability and allergen management increasingly critical elements of food processing operations. Our services help you realize improvements and obtain a competitive advantage through effective food safety management. In the foodservice and restaurant industry, food safety and quality directly impact reputation. Consistent food safety practices are paramount to success. To preserve your reputation and protect your brand, partner with AverSafe, the most trusted name in food safety. Our food safety services that are simple, practical and cost effective will help you maintain leading edge in the business.

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

Storage and Distribution
In the competitive retail supermarket and grocery store environments, food safety and quality directly impacts sales and reputation. Consumers and retailers today are more mindful of food safety than ever before. Safe food handling and storage practices are critical to success. To best protect your reputation and enhance sales, partner with AverSafe, the most trusted name in food safety. As food safety outbreaks and recalls become increasingly prevalent, requirements are now more stringent for companies at all levels of the supply chain, including storage and distribution. Our services help ensure that your company preserves and delivers high quality safe food focusing on proper temperature controls, best food safety practices and on-time deliveries
Our expertise in food safety includes the following core practice areas:

HACCP Plans/FSMS (Food Safety Management System)

Registration of Food Premises, Licensing reviews/appeals etc

Liquor Licensing – On and Off License

Liaison with Local Authority Departments e.g. Council, Environmental Health, Planning, Building Control

Expert Witness Statements and Inspection Reports

Management and Investigation of alleged Food Poisoning Incidents and Food Complaints

Food Hygiene and Safety Audits

Due Diligence and Assessments

Microbial Validation and Troubleshooting

Supplier Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Telephone Assistance and Emergency call out

Updates on food hygiene legislative changes, trends and product developments

Design and Planning of new and refurbished premises

Providing opinion for public consultations on food hygiene law and enforcement

Food Safety Compliance for Equipment Suppliers and Contractors
The work that we have completed allows us to position ourselves as experts in the business.
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